Sabrett Hot Dog:                                                     $2.50
(red onion,raw onion,saurkraut)
Sabrett Spicy Hot Dog:           $3.00
(red onion,raw onion,saurkraut)
Sausage & Peppers Hero:       $8.00
(red sauce & mozzarella)
Meatball Parm Hero:              $7.00
Pepper,Egg,&Potato Hero:      $7.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich:       $4.00
(add bacon/ham $1.00)
Tuna Salad Sandwich:            $5.00
(round roll/white/rye)(lettuce&tomato)
Roadhouse Salad:                    $5.00
(add grilled chicken $2.00)
J&S Signature Burger:           $8.00
           (with french fries)
Mango Pulled Pork Sandwich:$8.00     (on round roll w/coleslaw)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich:     $7.00
(on round roll w/lettuce&tomato)(mayo,bbq,or buffalo)
N.J. Cheese Steak:                  $8.00
(onions,peppers,& cheese)
Chicken Tenders(6):               $6.00
(honey mustard or bbq sauce)
Chicken Wings(8):                  $6.00
(hot or mild w/bleu cheese)
Mozzarella Sticks(8):             $6.00
(served with marinara sauce)
French Fries:                          $5.00
(add cheese $1.00/add chili $2.00)
Onion Rings:                           $5.00
Jalapeno'Poppers(8):             $6.00
(bleu cheese or ranch)
Roadhouse Sampler:               $10.00
(5 mozz sticks/5 wings,5 poppers)
Chili:(with cheese)     Cup:$3.00  Bowl:$5.00
Soup of the Day:  Cup:$3.00  Bowl:$5.00
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